Allied Health Solutions for Salesforce

With our extensive industry expertise, we specialise in helping Allied Health practices maximize the potential of Salesforce. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive 360-degree view of referring practices, seamlessly capturing sales activities, and accurately matching referrals using provider numbers.

CloudActive Allied Health Solutions
CloudActive Allied Health Solutions

360° View of Practice Referrals

Are you finding it challenging to measure sales activities and their impact on referrals and associated revenue?

With over 20 years experience in the Healthcare sector, CloudActive’s Allied Health Team have developed a customised suite of offerings developed on the on the Salesforce platform.

  • Industry focused sales activities
  • Referral management by provider number 
  • Practice Reporting 
  • Practitioner Reporting 
  • Activity measurement against referrals
CloudActive Allied Health Solutions

Allied Health CRM

CloudActive’s Allied Health Sales Module provides adult health practices with the ability to track sales activities with referral outcomes.


  • e-Referral
  • Practice Software 
  • Radiology (RIS) Integration 
  • Track and provision referral pads 
  • Reporting 
  • Dashboards
CloudActive Allied Health Solutions Referral Management

Track and Measure Sales Activities against Referral Revenue

Track and Measure the impact of your practices sales activities against referral revenue. CloudActive’s Allied Health Sales Module provides the framework to capture all sales activities and metrics for greater insight into sales operations. Capture competitor information, referral pads, electronic referral systems and more.

CloudActive Allied Health Solutions

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