ActiveInvoice Salesforce's leading Connector for Xero

Seamlessly connect Salesforce and Xero. Sync financial data bi-directionally to one, or multiple Xero Accounts. Automate your invoice process and gain a 360° view into your invoice process and status.

ActiveInvoice Salesforce's Leading Xero Connector

Create Xero invoices directly from Salesforce Standard and Custom Objects

How it works – Trigger the creation of an invoice directly from Salesforce automatically on an opportunity stage change (e.g. Closed Won), or create an invoice anytime via a click of a button named “Send to Xero”.

Invoice Status Reporting: Utilise Salesforce’s modern reporting analytics to gain realtime insights into your customers payment status. Forecast cashflow more accurately, identify invoice issues quickly and share with team members in order to make informed decision on your invoice settlement process.

Invoice Dashboards: Utilise Salesforce dashboard capability to present multiple report elements side-by-side using dashboard components on a single dashboard layout.

Connector Features

Automate the Xero Invoice creation process from Salesforce: Trigger invoice creation automatically, or via the click of a button “Create Xero Invoice” from any Salesforce object

Connect Multi Xero Business Accounts: Running multiple P&L’s, or have a Franchise Model? ActiveInvoice can connect to multiple Xero accounts from one Salesforce Org

Invoice Payment Status Reporting: Track Invoice start and payment status via Salesforce reporting and Dashboard insights

Custom Configuration Supported: Custom configuration and features available. Salesforce stand and custom objects supported

ActiveInvice Xero Invoice Report on the Salesforce Mobile App

Invoice Automation with ActiveInvoice

The ActiveInvoice Connector can benefit any business via automation of the Invoice process between Salesforce CRM and Xero. The ActiveInvoice Connector allows you to send and sync information between Salesforce and Xero from any field within Salesforce, for example, the Total Amount, Payment Plan and Payment Terms, Payment Type, unique Salesforce ID’s, Product and Service information and multiple address types including, ship to, or bill to addresses. Contact as now to discuss any custom requirements.

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